KB1276 - Moodle Quiz Review Options

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In the Quiz Settings screen, the section "Review options" lets you control which information students can see during one of four time periods: Moodle Quiz Review Options

  • During the attempt is while the students are taking the quiz before they submit their answers.
  • Immediately after the attempt means within two minutes of the attempt being finished (after the student hits the Submit button).
  • Later, while the quiz is still open means after the two minutes are up, and before the quiz close date.
  • After the quiz is closed means after the quiz close date has passed. If the quiz does not have a close date, this state is never reached.

During each of these time periods, you have the option to control what the student sees:

  • The attempt: This determines whether the student can review the attempt at all. For example, if you check this option for all four time periods, the student will always be able to review their attempt, which means they’ll be able to see the questions and their responses.
  • Whether correct: If you check this option, students will see feedback saying ‘correct’, ‘partially correct’ or ‘incorrect’ for their responses.
  • Marks: This will show students the numerical marks they scored for each question and their overall marks for the quiz.
  • Specific feedback: This is the feedback that appears depending on a student’s response to a question. You enter the specific feedback in the question settings for each question in your quiz.
  • General feedback: This is also entered for each question in the quiz. Students will see general feedback after they have completed the question. Unlike specific feedback, the general feedback is shown to everyone, regardless of how they answered the question. Some uses of general feedback include providing a model answer to all students, or providing a link to additional resources.
  • Right answer: This will show the student a Moodle generated summary of the correct response that looks like this “The correct answer is xxxx”. This is not very informative, and you may choose to add specific feedback and to leave this option off.
  • Overall feedback: In the quiz settings you can provide overall feedback for a quiz and can base this on the score achieved.

Note: If you check a feedback box, but have not entered feedback, there will be no negative effect; Moodle will simply display nothing in these cases.

Be aware: If you do not enable a “Close the quiz” date/time, you will never reach the last “Review options” column. You will stay in “Later, while the quiz is still open.”