KB1131 - Deleting old backup files from your Private Backup area

To remove old, unneeded backup files from your User Private Backup area, follow the instructions below. 

IMPORTANT: This area also contains anything that you've added to the Sharing Cart, so be careful!  Only delete files starting with the word "backup."
TIP: SORTING by filename (see step 6) can help you easily distinguish between backup files and sharing cart files.

  1. From within any course, click on the More menu under your course title and chose Course reuse.
  2. Once the page has fully loaded (it's important to give it time), click on the options menu located immediately above the line starting with, 1. Course selection. and chose RESTORE
  3. Scroll down to the User private backup area.
  4. Click on Manage backup files. This is found at the bottom of the list of files.
  5. To ensure you are deleting the correct file, it's best to change the file view within the file management area.  Over to the far right of the file manager, hover over the middle icon and ensure it's the one that says 'Display folder with file details."  Once you have the right icon, click on it.  It should change the view so that file save date and times are showing.
  6. You can sort by filename, date, or other fields by clicking on the column header for the appropriate field.
  7. Select the file or files you want to delete by checking the appropriate box/es to the left of the filename/s
  8. Click on the delete/trashcan icon located at the top-left of the file manager. You could also download them first, if you'd like.
  9. Confirm the deletion.
  10. Save changes. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You will lose all your changes if you don't!