KB1129 - Uploading a document to a Moodle assignment from an iPad or iPhone

When trying to upload a file to an assignment in Moodle , a student using an iPhone or iPad may report a limitation in which kinds of files they can upload from their mobile device.

When clicking "Upload" and then "Choose File", the iPad or iPhone will allow the user to select an existing Picture or Video, or to record a new one one from the device. However, one cannot select a document, such as a PDF file. This is because Apple does not allow broad access to its file system the same way that other manufacturers may (e.g. Android or Blackberry devices).

The eLearning Support team is investigating ways to connect OneDrive as a Moodle repository, which would allow users to store their course-related files in VCC's OneDrive cloud, and then easily select them for submission to a course assignment in VCC Moodle.