KB1268 - Blocking a user on a Participants list

When using Banner Auto-enrol, there may be times when a student (or Teacher) is incorrectly enrolled in your course. This can happen for a number of reasons, including that mentioned at the bottom of this article.*

When this happens, a quick way to ensure that they do not access your course content is to block their enrolment. Although they can still access the course, they can see very little and can do nothing within the course.

To block a user, you'll need to access their enrolment from the Participants page. 

Add the "Blocked" role to the enrolment and be sure to SAVE it afterward.

Roles, showing student and blocked

After saving, it should look something like this:

blocked student roles

What does a blocked student see?

Not much. And what they do so, they cannot do much with.

The left side of the following image shows what a blocked student sees, versus what he would normally see if he were a student in the course. Notice that, in addition to the section headings, there are some activities that still appear. However, clicking on any of them will result in an access denied message. 

* An issue has been reported with the Banner Auto-enrolment that results in some students showing up on the Participants list, even though they are not on the Banner Class Roster. 

As of the second week of January 2022, we believe that we have isolated the issue and resolved it, moving forward. Unfortunately the fix is not retroactive so the incorrect enrolments are "stuck" as they are for the time being.

If you are concerned about these students accessing your course shell, a workaround is to "block" them, as explained above. Blocking them does not prevent them from accessing the course shell, but it does prevent them from seeing most activities and resources as well as from participating in any way.

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