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UPDATE: We are now following VCC's retention policy that requires academic course shells to be kept for a minimum 2 YEAR period, after which they may be deleted. The procedure outlined below is NO LONGER FOLLOWED.

If you are the OWNER of a Moodle course that is no longer needed and can be deleted from the server, let us know and we'll do it for you. PLEASE NOTE that this completely removes the course from the server. If you are simply looking to remove it from your "My courses" list, then you should unenrol yourself.

Simply add the word DELETE (ALL CAPS, please) at the beginning of the course name (on the Course Settings page) and we will delete it when we do our next cleanup, which usually happens every couple of weeks.

To request that your course shell be DELETED:

Add the word DELETE before your course name.

So, for example, if your course is...

  • ABCD 1234 - Introduction to Something Amazing

change the Course full name to... 

  • DELETE ABCD 1234 - Introduction to Something Amazing


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