KB1105 - Workaround for Submitting a Quiz on Behalf of a Student

The following work-around can be performed only by a course manager or system administrator.


  1. Set a password for the exam so that no one but you can go back in
  2. Set attempts allowed to 2
  3. Change the Question behaviour to "each attempt builds on the previous attempt."
  4. Save the settings
  5. "Login As..." that student (only Managers and Administrators can do this)
  6. Re-attempt the quiz, without changing any answers and then [submit] when done.
  7. Return to Manager or Admin role
  8. Review the attempts to ensure that that student shows 2 attempts and that the 2nd attempt in fact contains answers.
  9. Delete the original attempt.
  10. Change the settings from step 1, 2 and 3 back to their original settings.


Article ID: 227
Thu 12/5/19 12:37 PM
Wed 4/28/21 4:38 PM