KB1258 - WeBWorK: Adding WeBWorK Courses to Moodle

Once your WeBWorK course is ready for Student use, you can integrate it into your Moodle course as an "External Activity".
This gives you and your Students convenient one-click access to WeBWorK from inside your Moodle course. 

What does "integration" mean, with Moodle?

In this context, we're able to create a link from your Moodle course that leads you and your Students into a course of content in the WeBWorK server. However, this link is special in that it automatically logs the user who clicks it into their WeBWorK user account and locates them inside a particular WeBWorK course (specified ahead of time, by the Instructor). This allows you to create a course in WeBWorK that contains additional study or practice problems, and lead your Moodle Students into it with one click.

Grades earned in WeBWorK from any homework or quizzes that the Students complete are automatically transmitted into the Gradebook in your Moodle course.
(More information on the WeBWorK-Gradebook connection here: KB1259 - WeBWorK: The Moodle Connection)

Adding your WeBWorK course as an External Tool activity

  1. In your Moodle course (with Editing on), select Add an Activity or Resource.
  2. In the Activity Chooser, select the External Tool activity:
    Moodle's External Tool activity icon
  3. In the External Tool settings page, fill-in a descriptive name for your external activity and select your WeBWorK course from the "Preconfigured tool" list:
    (Under "Show more", you will also find a Description field which you can fill-in and activate if you want to provide more details about the activity.)
    Settings for adding a new External Tool in Moodle
    NOTE: "Launch container" must be set to "New window".

After your WeBWorK course is integrated

Once your WeBWorK course is successfully integrated into your Moodle course using the External Tool activity, you will see it with an icon like this:

What if you do not see your WeBWorK course listed?

If you do not see your WeBWorK course listed in the "Preconfigured Tool" list, then it has not been added as a  "Preconfigured Tool" in Moodle. 

In that case, here's what to do: 

  • Contact eLSupport and ask for your WeBWorK course to be added as a Preconfigured Tool.

  • Make sure you include the full name of your WeBWorK course or the full URL (as seen in the browser's address bar after you login).

After these steps have been completed, you will be able to select your WeBWorK course as an External Tool, to integrate it into any of your Moodle courses. 

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