KB1203 - Turning off the Video Filter for a Single Link

When you include a video link in your Moodle text, Moodle's built-in video filter will automatically turn your link into a video player.
Often, this is a great convenience, but occasionally you may not want that to happen. You may want your link to appear as a link, instead.

Here are instructions for suppressing the automatic filter on hyperlinks to videos:

Repressing Moodle's Filter on Video Links

Here's how you can edit a link to prevent embedding:

We'll use a YouTube link as an example. Most YouTube video URLs look like this:


  • Paste this text into a Moodle resource (e.g. a Page resource).
  • Click the "HTML" toolbar button to switch the Moodle editor to HTML editing mode and place embed=no& between "watch?" and "v=".

The link should now look like this:


This will force Moodle to present the linked text as text, rather than converting the link into an embedded video.

This method should work on any shared link from a video service.

If the video link has no "?" argument in it already, then you can append the 'no embed' argument by appending it to the end of the link, like so:


A Video Example

This video describes how you make an edit to a YouTube link, in order to suppress Moodle's automatic filter behaviour:


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