KB1196 - Known Issue: Error with Pearson MyLab & Mastering Activities

When you add a new "Pearson MyLab & Mastering Link" activity in Moodle, it will give an error message when clicked on.

This is because the link activity's settings need to be edited slightly from their defaults, due to a version incompatibility in Moodle's LTI interface. This issue can be fixed with a simple text edit that only takes a moment to do for each activity that's not working.

  • Hit "Edit Settings" on the "Pearson MyLab & Mastering Link" activity that is in error.
    On the Edit page, click the "Show more..." link:
    External Tool edit page, with More highlighted
  • In the "Custom parameters" field, look at each [name]=[value] parameter, and make sure that all parameter name use all-lowercase characters.
    e.g. after the activity has first been added in Moodle, a parameter may read in mixed-case (appProductId=82) but this should be changed to all lower-case on the parameter name (appproductid=82)
    External Tool edit page, with Custom Parameters field highlighted
  • In the "Custom parameters" field, check that the all the parameter names on the left side of the equals sign are now lower-case.
  • Hit "Save and Return".
    External Tool edit page, with Custom Parameters field highlighted
  • Click on the link activity again, the same way a Student would. You should now see that the activity opens up correctly.

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